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Judo Target


Product origin : SHANDONG, CHINA

Delivery time : 5 days

Supply capacity : 300 pcs per month

Judo Target Model: TQ2557/1 (Leather) Specification: 20kg TQ2557/2 (Leather) 30kg TQ2557/3 (Leather) 40kg TQ2557/4 (Leather) 50kg TQ2557/5 (Leather) 60kg TQ2557/6 (Leather) 70kg TQ2557/A1 (PVC Leather) 20kg TQ2557/A2 (PVC Leather) 30kg TQ2557/A3 (PVC Leather) 40kg TQ2557/A4 (PVC Leather) 50kg TQ2557/A5 (PVC Leather) 60kg TQ2557/A6 (PVC Leather) 70kg Material: Multiple specifications option, anti-wear surface layer, sewn sewing thread, excellent filling steel grit and broken sponges , better elasticity and longer service life.

Judo Target Model: TQ2557/1 

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