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Rhythmic Floor


Product origin : CHINA


Supply capacity : 10000

1. The surface size is 1450 cm * 1450 cm, performance area is 1300 cm * 1300 cm, with 5 cm demarcation line included in the performance area. The surface is covered with velvet knitted carpet, each roll of 1450 cm * 362 cm, a total of 4 rolls. At the bottom it is connected by a strong adhesive tapet.

2. The whole structure consists of 2 layers of 9 mm high quality plywood, the upper layer is made up of 100 pieces of 122 cm * 122 cm, 40 pieces of 122 cm * 61 cm and 4 pieces of 61 cm * 61 cm. The lower layer is made up of 121 pieces of 122 cm * 122 cm. 3025 high quality rubber damping blocks are arranged at the bottom of the floor, positioned precisely, to achieve the best performance.

3. The two boards are equipped with powerful buckle, the upper and the lower two layers staggered fixed together, make the whole venue become one. High loading sponge and floor edge to make the protected area more secure. 

Features: special foam vibration absorption effect is obvious, good cushioning performance, anti static, non slip surface layer of blankets to provide the best effect for the high difficulty movement. The whole body is composed of three parts: the bottom plate, the surface blanket, the high load bearing sponge edge floor, the whole weight is 2600KG, and the 

size is optional.

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